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She seems so calm and unconcerned. It turned out that the Panama City Police Department had received several calls about investigations in multiple states for similar incidents. When Ogborn's co-counsel asked Friedman if he thought the event would affect Ogborn for the rest of her life, he said, "She will never forget it, but it won't psychologically affect her for the rest of her life. On June 3,according to a city police spokesman in Juneau, Alaska, a caller to a Taco Bell there said he was working with the company to investigate drug abuse at the store, and had a manager pick out a year-old customer — and then strip her and force her to perform lewd acts. Liveleak McDonalds Strip Search Uncensored for the A caller in May persuaded a year-old girl who was managing Sonic restaurant to strip-search and perform oral. This shows part of the problem with America. Friedman reportedly stated that after interviewing Ogborn and performing a number of tests on her, "It's not the ideal way to come to new growth, but some people grow through their trauma.

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You will be arrested and do as I say for the next 4 hours.

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This young woman will never have a normal life because of this incident. One question I do have about the case, after they realised this was a hoax, did they make her wait for the police to arrive before they gave her clothes back, in another article about this it says. Personally i think in the beginning she was alarmed at was going on, but i believe after a while she became some what sexually stimulated by being naked and spanked. Since Stewart's arrest in Junethere have been no reported hoax calls to fast food restaurants. Nigeria's president denies conspiracy theories that he's a human clone. I think its a scam they pulled, the three of them.

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  1. Don't get me wrong she is hot but does anyone else think she sort of resembles Tom cruise?