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One danger, however, is that couples who begin spending a lot of time together may stop making an effort to include romance in their relationship. What's more, the percentage increased with age. You may find it hard to squeeze an extended lovemaking session into an already packed day. No more worries about getting pregnant, no more worries about their kids barging in on them. Career setbacks or other disappointments can lead to feelings of failure and depression, both of which sap desire. It is a small comfort, but ticking that box affords me a degree of extra control. Declining health also appeared to have an effect on sexual activity and satisfaction.

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March 17, Published:

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Attitudes about sexuality and aging

Because a new relationship may come along months or years after their last sexual relationship, some individuals feel anxious that they have "forgotten how to have sex" or that "the equipment doesn't work anymore. No more worries about getting pregnant, no more worries about their kids barging in on them. When Viagra comes onto the scene, the woman may find it hard to let go of past feelings of rejection. Menopause means that women no longer have to worry about pregnancy. In many cases, conflict is at the root of a sexual problem. Yet some feel additional safeguards are needed that would enable young people to delete unwanted content that they, or others post about them once they reach a certain age.

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