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The laugh I'd get when he took his shirt off for the first time would be better than any orgasm I'd have afterward. And as long as your overall sense of style compliments body piercings. I'm in the "do what you want - it's your body" camp. I would definitely expect to get to play with them, though. Women really dig it. And I only went with the one. You can always take them out if you change your mind unlike tattoos.

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Put me in the group of people who would worry about ripping them out, Why do people keep saying this, when no one ever seems to be that worried about earrings?

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Ladies & Guys, do you mind seeing a guys nip piercing in public?

I'm a fan of both rings and barbells, just as long as it's just one pierced nipple on someone in good shape who isn't hairy. I am not a 30 year old man, but I did have my own pierced for awhile. I've had reactions all over the map from mine - and I have had plenty of time to gather them since Nipple piercing seems sort of Also, since you already have a pierced tongue, gals rating high on the squick factor will already be less likely to be interested.

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shirtless guys with nipple pierced
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shirtless guys with nipple pierced
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